ESTWD MEDITATE: Illuminate What is Already There

We are so excited to launch our Spin + Meditation classes, offering a way to ground you in the practice of present moment awareness before your feet even stroke the pedals or after class just as your heart rate slows + your body softens. The intention is to build on your habit of showing up to class by adding guided meditation to the beginning or end of selected classes.

Our wonderful Meditate Luminary, Chrissy Abram [@chrissyabram] has written a piece on the art of meditation + some key ways this can show up in your next ride.


It’s Sunday night + you are starting to think about piecing together the week ahead; it’s a mixture of meetings, appointments, coffee dates, packing the kids’ lunches, + workouts. The last one being a near non-negotiable, even if it consists of a 45-minute walk with your dog. You need to clear your mind at some point, am I right?! Oh, not to mention you try to meditate before bed + if you can’t do it before bed you try squeezing it in at lunch. Uhm, sound familiar?

Well, what if I told you it could be easier. What if, once a week your go-to spin class transformed into 15-minutes of solace on the bike before the class even started? Lights down, candles on + a teacher to guide you through a moment of mind-body connection. You’ve already committed to 45-minutes on the bike, what’s another 15 to practice your meditation? Remind yourself, like everything else you’ve done, you’ve tried it a few times before you found your rhythm, you can do it again. New to meditation? Great! No one will know unless you chat with the instructor + maybe, just maybe, this will even kick start a home practice.


4 Ways to Bring Mindfulness Into Your Next Class:

1. Set an intention. What energy + vibe do you want to bring into the spin room? Remember, you have to deposit something if you want to change.

2. The senses. Walk through the doors + start to engage your senses: the sights, the undeniably great remixes of oldies on Spotify or the amazing scent of burning candles. Use your senses as a doorway to the present moment, relinquishing you from forecasting the future + rehearsing the past. This is your time.

3. The Check-out. Half way through your class, your mind checks out because you’re wondering how much longer. Guess what? You’re not alone. This is where the power of the team comes in. Pick your head up, just for a second + scan the room. Wish everyone well because somewhere amongst the sea of sweaty bodies is someone wanting to stop. You got this, we are in it together!

4. Gratitude. The legs stop spinning, the heartbeat slows down + the teacher says, thank you. Before leaving the room, cheers your neighbor, high five the teacher, or thank yourself. Close your practice by sealing it with gratitude, an offering that reminds you how humbled you are to do this activity with your healthy body + join those around you. 


Eastwood Mediate, launching Fall ’17

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